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To have Faith is to Know Her

I decided to ask God to reveal faith to me this month. Here is what I have learned thus far.

We often use the word faith as an equal to the word "belief."

We have "faith in ourselves."

Faith [belief] in God.

Faith [belief] in each other.

Faith [belief] in landing that job.

Faith then becomes a future possibility that we long for. I don't know about you but that longing keeps me up at night & puts me in a state of perpetual lack.

Lately, I have been finding that faith is burried in the most mundane moments; we only have to be willing to know Her, in order to see Her.

Let me explain.

If we wait around for faith to deliver our belief to us in the form of outer sight, we miss the most profound place that faith presents Herself; from the in-sight, in the now & in this body.

Faith, I have learned, is knowing that the here and now is threaded with divinity, even in the plainness of a parking lot hug shared between two present beings; there in the now, faith is revealing the truest, most sacramental reality,

if we choose to view it as such.

That "viewing" ability comes from an

in-sight rather than outer sight. If two beings accept, that in that moment, the sacred is within them and all around them, then faith can reveal herself and perform miracles.

She can make the simplicity of a hug feel like a fairy tale where the parking lot becomes outer space and the trees dance in synergy with one another!

Live by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:6-7

So, faith, I am learning, is this knowing that what we see on the outside has much more depth in-sight than it appears.


Faith does not require us to seek belief in ourselves through outer forces nor does faith say, "build confidence in your skills, your belief systems, your relationships or such."

Faith is not a muscle.

Faith is a wide-eyed experience, known from within.

Faith reveals Herself in the moment that you accept Her as a intricate part of who you already are.

God has been urging me to stop it with this phrase...

"Faith is a process."

Yes, but also, no. All of life is a process, indeed. But faith is not a process that you learn or wait for or pine over...(cause longing, remember, kind of sucks)

Faith is sinking deeply into the world as the sacredness that you already are in every single moment, no matter how grandious or small that moment may seem, for it is especially in the most bland of moments that she performs miracles!

For the continuance of January, I invite you to see each moment & person as though they are woven with the most magnificent, remarkable beauty you have ever seen--because it is, because you are, because we truly are experiencing the beauty of it all...

all at once.

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