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Welcome to our Havenly Acres at Creations Wellness, where you can enjoy both wellness and creativity, nestled in a beautifully renovated pole barn on four acres of serene land. Come join us for a unique experience like no other and escape the hustle and bustle of life for a moment.

The barn has been under insulation, painting, lighting and more renovations during the winter.


Our RE-LAUNCH Weekend is March 22-24th. During this weekend you can sign up for unique creative and wellness classes! During the week of the 25th, you may also drop-in to teacher's classes to see if you like them! You can now add multiple classes to cart!

In Creation's Wellness, we believe that series classes are more effective than drop-ins, so starting in April most teachers will run 3-6 week series. You will typically see drop-in rates higher than series.

All classes and series are listed before. TAKE YOUR TIME reading before booking! Jump to the bottom of this page for deals and discounts for our RE-LAUNCH WEEKEND!


Full reno reveal coming soon!

This page is for PLEASANT PRAIRIE bookings only. Please click green button for Aerial Youth classes in RACINE!



If you are viewing from mobile, you will need to click the drop down box to see other categories for classes/series.

Click on the photo or "read more" link to read full service description.

Cancellation & Refund Policy:

You must cancel at least 24hrs before your series/class/workshop begins. No refunds are issued but classes are held as credits to be used within 3 months from your original scheduled series. Additionally, you are allowed to miss one class in a series and use that class as a credit for another available class. This must be rescheduled with your teacher. If your teacher has to cancel class they will reschedule or provide otherwise solution such as refunding or crediting (this will be determined by your teacher).

*Refunds MAY be issued by special guest workshops such as instructors that are traveling to share their offering and/or  retreats. 

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These instructors either offer weekly series or drop-in classes on a consistent basis right now! 

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