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“What is trauma? As I use the word, "trauma" is an inner injury, a lasting rupture or split within the self due to difficult or hurtful events. By this definition, trauma is primarily what happens within someone as a result of the difficult or hurtful events that befall them; it is not the events themselves. "Trauma is not what happens to you but what happens inside you' is how I formulate it.”
― Gabor Maté, The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness, and Healing in a Toxic Culture

Somatic Energy Work 1:1 Sessions

Somatic means “in reference to the body.”

Somatic experiences focus on the body-centered approaches such as breathwork, movement and meditation to help relieve stress, tension and traumas stored in the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

Somatic experiences are not about what you look like on the OUTSIDE but what you feel is happening on the INSIDE.

The way I define energy work is "in reference to the non-physical body."

This relates to the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies--the bodies to which we cannot "see."

 My background is in Holistic Yoga & Integrative Vibrational Therapy as trained under Pure Nature Yoga & Sound based out of Thailand. Holistic meaning, "the whole body" and vibrational relating to anything to which one can receive sound whether that is through sound instruments or the body's own natural audio (caused by movement, breath or vocal expressions). Over the course and beyond my training, I have added many different modalities to achieve a somatic experience for myself and others. I use a variety of modalities because I believe there is no "one size fits all." 

**DISCLAIMER: My sessions are not a diagnosis or a replacement for medical or mental health treatment. I do have connections to local therapists and would love to recommend during a session. My goal is to guide, give rest and relief with my sessions and I always highly suggest pairing these sessions with other professionals. 

In my 1:1 sessions, these are the variety of somatic experiences we have to choose from...


Phymat Experience, Transformational Breathwork & Light Language Testimonial

My 1:1 session with Laura provided a safe space for me to express myself, - resulting in peace, clarity, and a deeper understanding of myself. At the beginning of the session, Laura and I talked about a range of topics, including my past struggles and future goals. The process during the healing portion of the session was intense, however I felt a sense of safety as I was able to release what did not serve me anymore. If you are looking for a enlightening experience, Laura does an amazing job of helping compassionately guide you through a deeply healing experience.

Lauren, 2023

Offering You Grace & Compassion

My approach to supporting your healing process is based on grace. I incorporate an intuitive and gentle approach to our healing work.

I believe that we are constantly in a state of healing and doing so in a variety of ways, some of which are less intrusive than others. I appreciate the slow, compassionate and spiritually soft ways of helping the body, mind and soul reconnect.

I support you being in control and aware of your body's physical, emotional and spiritual needs. I work best with people who are looking for gentle ways of connecting with somewhat intense energy healing techniques. Our sessions includes practices such as meditation, transformational breathwork, and movement, which can initially seem intense but are broken down into a gentle and slow manner. I focus on providing a safe, non-judgmental space for all individuals, regardless of experience level, to explore their inner selves and align better with your own inner voice (often referred to as the higher self or for some, God).


Many of the people I work with are drawn to a lifestyle that is inspired by developing spiritual wisdom, creativity, passion and community in their lives. You may be a healer, artist, teacher, empath or someone who believes strongly in the power of cultivating more connection within your inner and outer environments.

On an emotional level, I often work with people who are healing issues around people-pleasing, setting boundaries, feelings of betraying their intuition in the past, self-criticism, doubt and owning their own body's wisdom.

On a physical level, I frequently work with people who are dealing with chronic pain or trauma stored in the body.

On a spiritual level, I am an advocate for developing "discernment." I believe it is very important that we do not fall into the habit of "believing whatever anyone 'above us' spiritually says." I have witnessed myself and far too many others fall into guru and cult-like group behaviors. It is important to me that I create spaces where your voice is heard.

Let's make a promise to be gentle with ourselves. When we're able to simply be, we can discover unconditional acceptance and love. Remember that you are worthy of compassion.

Disclaimer (again): I am not a certified therapist and this session is meant to bring relaxation and ease of mind/body utilizing practices I am trained in. It is best to pair these sessions with other therapeutic professionals


Experiencing a somatic movement
technique based on
Qi Gong wisdom, 
called "shaking." 

A Little More About Somatic Movement Journeys
& Guided Drawing...

During a 1:1 session, I also offer a unique approach to somatic movement journeys that emphasizes the inner experience over the outer experience. Our sessions involve a series of repetitive movements that are specifically designed for you to help bring you more fully into your body and enhance your overall wellbeing. "Journey" refers to the story that we experience during the SMJ. Whether you're dealing with chronic pain, grief, trauma or simply want to feel more grounded and centered, our somatic movement journeys can help you become more present within your body. 

I also offer Guided Drawing as a therapeutic approach to help individuals express their innermost thoughts, emotions and sensations without needing to use words. This art therapy technique is designed to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and promote self-awareness. 



Please message (Use Let's Chat!) or email me to book your session. Availability is based on your schedule and mine. You may also text me at 8158308562 if that is easier! 



Includes 4-5 modalities above, extensive discussion and deeply transformative somatic energy work

I call this "butterfly" session for those who are approaching a new aspect in life and are ready to take action on the next initiative. 


Includes 2-3 modalities above, discussion and gentle practices

I call this the "cocoon" session for those are simply seeking rest and rejuvenation and quiet place to be within. 


Includes 2-3 modalities above for kids ages 10-16, parents can sit in on sessions

50% deposit required upon reservation with the rest due the day of the session.

Non refundable deposit if you cancel before your appointment. No refunds are offered after you have completed your session. Thank you for your understanding. 



Direct message me or email @ 

Sessions are held inside our pole barn and may include outdoor yoga or breathwork sessions on the land depending on where we feel led and if weather cooperates. Please read the following carefully: 



*There is NO air conditioning in the pole barn --we will have fans and cooling towels but be prepared for heat depending on what time of the day it is. Mornings and evenings are usually the coolest options right now.  

*There is currently NO BARN BATHROOM but there is a bathroom inside our home for use. Please note that we have two very kind Shiba Inu dogs though. 

*Be prepared to experience "wildlife" while on the land and in the barn such as insects and mosquitos. 

Lauren, Online Session 2021

I have been dealing with a chronic illness for the last decade and have consistently sought out various remedies, healings, medicines and techniques. I connected with Laura of Creation's Wellness and decided to book a 1:1 session with her to get some insight into the chronic illness and how I can improve my situation. Laura was absolutely amazing to work with! I was blown away by her commitment to helping people heal and going above and beyond for her clients. Laura came to our meeting prepared with tons of information tailored specifically for me and lots of intuitive guidance. We went over everything in detail and I could tell that Laura was really taking her time and genuinely cared. On top of her guidance, she even came prepared with supplements that she recommended I try and discussed various energy healing and breath work techniques for me to try. Laura guided me through the breath work practice and worked her light language magic and I immediately felt a difference. I felt more grounded, centered, and empowered with the right tools for me to aid in my personal healing. Laura was so kind and compassionate, and she really made me feel safe and cared for. I’m so glad that I connected with her, and I cannot say enough good things about her and her work. Thank you, Laura!

Jen, In-Person, 2019

If you’re wondering why the sudden sharing of my art, it’s because of this: a transformative energy clearing session with Laura. We’re supposed to do the work ourselves until we can’t anymore, and that’s when we call in the powers of a healer. Laura is an incredible healer and she has helped me blast through plateaus several times. She is incredibly compassionate, and I’m so grateful to have met her a year ago!

Kari, In-Person, 2019

Laura is sooooo gifted! If you are on the fence about scheduling something with her, I urge you to try it- you won’t regret it!  I have gone for a meditation session and sound healing session - both were fantastic! From the moment I walked in, Laura was welcoming and calming. Laura’s voice is so soothing and perfect for guiding meditation. I felt more relaxed after my sessions than I do after a massage! I am so glad I found Laura - I feel super comfortable with her! I plan to be back many more times in the future!
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