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Youth Aerial & Mindfulness Sponsorship Funds

At Creation's Wellness, we believe in creating positive change, which is why we are passionate about supporting our youth's mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Our various causes are designed to create a lasting impact that will help future generations thrive.

Feel free to browse through our projects and contribute to the change!

Harborside Yoga Club Celebration 
Goal: $300 

FULLY FUNDED! THANK YOU! Stay tuned for updates from this group & future sponsorship opportunities!

"The Harborside Yoga Club is open to students in grades 6 to 12th and meets weekly during the school year.  Students practice beginner level yoga together in an inclusive, supportive and safe environment learning skills of self-regulation, mindfulness, self-care, reflection, breath work and building communities of support and empowerment.  Harborside is an Experiential Learning school where students learn not only in the classroom but through real life experiences in the community.  Our field trip to Creation’s Wellness celebrates a yearlong practice for students involved in yoga club and offers opportunities for students to experience professional yoga and mindfulness practices outside of the school environment." Sarah Hubbard, School Social Worker

Harborside Yoga Club is our exciting first sponsorship project that celebrates the benefits of a dedicated wellness practice. As a former project-based teacher in the school district, I understand firsthand how important it is for students to connect with real-life experiences. Your contribution to this project will not only support the students' wellness journey but it will also help students see what it takes to

run a wellness business.

Thank you for your consideration!  

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