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Welcome! We are thrilled to connect and grow together! Creation's Wellness is a space where we find a sense of belonging, find solace in the beauty of nature, and connect to our own hidden gifts.

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PP= Pleasant Prairie, WI

R= Racine, WI

Our Story!

Laura Montgomery & Sean Booth Jr


Short Story: Laura and Sean created a vision board in January of 23' to help them reach their 5-year goal: to create an environment where people could retreat, connect, and grow together (a term with many meanings!). On the Fall Equinox, Laura and Sean attended a unique ceremony combining shamanic practices with Christian traditions, during which the intentions for their vision board were entrusted with "grace and ease" to the transformational fires.

Come Spring of 23, Laura and Sean were unexpectedly given 60 day notice to leave their rental house because the landlord needed to move a family member in for an emergency. While this seemed like a fall from grace, it was actually the push they needed in the right direction for their 5-year goals. Though it was challenging and scary to trust their instincts, having this be the first home they have ever owned, they signed a contract in under 60 days.


The property that they are now in the presence of, which they call "Havenly Acres" is just the beginning of a vision that will hopefully be as transformational for everyone else as it has been for them.

Much love & thank you for your continued support!

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Have a group together and want to host an aerial hammock party? All parties are hosted at The Complete Experience in Racine, WI! Inquire here.

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