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"Using anything and everything the Creator gave us to heal & create through self-compassion." 

Welcome! I am so thrilled to see that we have found one another! This is a safe space for rebirth and creation. Click on your interests to be directed to a source of information! 

Welcome To Creation's Wellness!

 "Creativity enhances our recovery in many ways and is an important tool in learning to express emotions, experience a sense of purpose and accomplishment and enrich our relationship with ourselves and others." - Herren Wellness

Personally, I have used creativity as a way to heal from childhood trauma and chronic pain. Likewise, I have experienced many creative blocks where I felt my emotions were suppressed and learned to overcome them through movement, whether with my entire body through physical movements such as aerial arts or yoga , or with my hands as a jewelry & fashion artist.

Creation's Wellness is a space where you can learn to safely express your mind, body and spirit through the various classes I offer (currently in Racine, WI & Pleasant Prairie, WI (home location). 

I am currently teaching Aerial Hammock/ Arts classes for youth and adults in  Racine, WI. I also teach a range of outdoor/semi-outdoor yoga and movement classes at our home location in Pleasant Prairie, WI.


 COMING SOON!! Aerial in the barn in Pleasant Prairie on 4 aces of land! 


I am also a jewelry and fashion artist and you may also wish to express yourself through fashion too! Please feel free to check out my shop for ONLINE ordering! My fiancé and I will be holding POP-UP in-store shopping soon in our multi-use pole barn (Pleasant Prairie).

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Contact Laura To Book Your  Aerial Party

Have a group together and want to host an aerial hammock party? All parties are hosted at The Complete Experience in Racine, WI! Inquire here.

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