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1 FREE Live Zoom Call With Kari & Laura! Wednesday, December 9th 745PM-9PM CST (Zoom Call Opens at 730PM) YOU WILL RECIEVE LINKS IN A DOWNLOAD AFTER PURCHASING!

During the LIVE Zoom Call, we will discuss the following topics: 

>>>Pregnancy overview

>>>The essence of a fully empowered and connected (spiritual) birth

>>>What prevents/disconnects women from experiencing birth as bliss

>>>Tools for mamas to reconnect to their power before & during birth

>>>Breathwork, Meditation & Vocal Toning (Sound Healing) to assist with a spiritually connected birth


There will also be an opportunity for a Q&A with both presenters! If you cannot make the LIVE call, you can still receive the information through the recorded version sent 24hrs after the call. 


1 DOWNLOADABLE Meditation To Connect With Your Spirit Baby & Birth Shaman

“Birth Shaman” is a term coined by Walter Makichen in his book, “Spirit Babies: How To Communicate With The Child You’re Meant To Have” that describes the process of the mother assuming the role of the medium  during pregnancy and birth. The medium creates and opens up a safe space for the child to transition from the spirit realm and into the physical realm (Earth!) before and on the day of birth. 


By signing up for the class, you will receive a downloadable video, presented by Laura, which will include the following: 

>>>Guided meditation for connecting to your spirit baby

>>>Sound healing and meditative tools for connecting to your “Birth Shaman” within 


1 Downloadable Video For Communication Between Mama & “The Assistors”  in the Birthing Room 

Whether it is the father of your child in the labor room with you, a parent, a midwife, or a friend--it is important that all involved develop a responsive communication plan! This involves women feeling empowered in their body's internal cues and feeling confident in communicating their needs such as, “I need you to hold my hand...I need you to breathe with me...or even, I need you to stay back and let me do this on my own!” 

Likewise, it is important for those assisting the mama to know how to reground themselves and step into a meditative and supportive role! 


Discounted Private Session With Laura @ $55.00 (Usual 70.00-$110)

Each participant will receive a DISCOUNTED 60 Minute online wellness session with Laura (  to be used anytime before birth. Laura’s private sessions are created based on what each person desires. Services include the following: 


>>> Yoga During Pregnancy

>>> Meditation For Connecting To Spirit Baby & Birth Shaman 

>>> Sound Healing (Vocal Toning) For Pregnancy & Birth 


You will receive this code with your downloadable videos once signing up. Discount will not be applied after birth. 


Magical & Meditative Pregnancy & Birth

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