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This cocoon cardigan is made with a lightweight sweater knit. It can fit a variety of sizes but it really depends on how you like your clothes to lay. Notice how it looks different on the mannequin than me (because the mannequin has broader shoulders and a bigger bust!). Here are the measurements worth noting.


Wrist to wrist: 52 inches 

Length: 40 inch

Wrist Cuffs: 9 inches with stretchy material

I am 5'1 for reference.





Cocoon Cardigan White W/Red,Navy,White Cuffs

Excluding Sales Tax
  • This is handmade so please treat it with more kindness than you would a product that is made in a factory! Thank you!

    If you are not satisfied with the fit, message me and I can make alterations or customize the same design. However, you will need to pay to have the product shipped back to me.I will handle shipping the product back to you! 

    No refunds/returns otherwise. Blessings! 

    Washing instructions will be sent with all apparel.

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