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Full Moon Aries Ceremony

Virtual VIA ZOOM

October 20th, 2021


Join Laura Montgomery & the LunaStar community for the Full Moon Aries ceremony!

In this ceremony, Laura will be leading the community through:

Full Moon Guidance

Intention Setting

Breathwork & Meditation

Light Language Offering 

You do not need to know what any of these practices are beforehand to participate but if you are curious, check out my home page or message me! I'm more than happy to explain! 

You must pre-register to save your space. This is a non-refundable donation and your donation is greatly appreciated. I am fully devoted to my business at this time.

You can watch the LIVE after but you will still need to pre-register. Live will be sent via email about 2-3 hours after it uploads!


I don’t know that I have the “right” words for this experience I had during this session last night. I do know I slept soundly and this morning as I’m going through my morning route I feel present and still. The words that are coming through are resonating with our session. Love, and bliss. Ladies thank you for your work, your time, and you presence.

Your teaching - it seems I’m always digging into something more deeper after a session like this, that I hear something that I need to learn more about.

Thank you! - Full Moon Pisces, September, Pattie 

Thank you for your beautiful ceremony! I totally released a lot of emotion (total pour of emotion)! ~ Full Moon Pisces, September, Nicci 

Copy of Copy of Somatic Essence Journey.png

Unlike the traditional, and rather conditioned Gregorian calendar, the Mayan calendar measures time by nature, not man.

For example, the traditional calendar suggests that the new day begins at "midnight" but the sun has not even risen yet! This skews our natural rhythms and puts us out of balance with the natural order of life.

I began studying Mayan prophecies a few years ago and by far, my favorite aspect is our Mayan Galactic Dreamspell sign. It couldn't have been more accurate!

2020 was the year of the Blue Lunar Storm. Reflecting back on July 26th,2020 until now, did you experience any of the following? Inner conflict? A desire to purify the 'body temple' from the inside- out? Polarity with others that ultimately reflected to you an opportunity to transform your own inner belief system? I know that I most certainly did!!

I'm ready for some fresh energy!

This year is the year of the Yellow Electric Seed. The seal for this sign is, "I Activate in order to Target. Bonding Awareness, I seal the Store of Flowering with the Electric tone of Service. I am guided by the power of Elegance."

How can you use this seal to guide you throughout your year? Well, it's important that you understand your Mayan Galactic Dreamspell sign first!

I'm offering a Mayan Galactic Dreamspell Analysis currently. This is something I offered in the past and intuitively feel it is a good time to offer it again.

Disclaimer: I am not a Mayan Calendar expert but I am very good at breaking down galactic signs and organizing it in a way that makes sense--coupled with channeling from your guides! You'll also receive a message reading guidance for your year.


Upon payment, readings will be sent within 3 days via email or messenger. Readings include slides and a video recording.

Follow the link below to order yours and write your birthdate in the notes section!


I had a Mayan Galactic Dream-spell reading from Laura Montgomery and I’m still digging into and gaining knowledge but I can tell you so many things in the reading have been powerful and intuitive. Tonight one of the things I’ve been learning more about from the reading is a spirit animal of a Hawk.

Thank you for all the time you put into my reading, I keep going back to and each time there seems to be something new. - Pattie 

Somatic Essence Journey (12).png

Mayan Galactic Reading + Child

Receive your reading plus your child's dreamspell

Important Note:

**Child = Ages 0-16

After the age of 16, I HIGHLY recommend asking your child to do this WITH you. Please message me for reasoning why. 

Seeking your child's design is not like sneaking through their personal diary. This is information that I believe all parents should be handed upon the birth of their child. It's like knowing their medical files to help SUPPORT them but not to FIX, RESCUE, SAVE them from their own experiences. I am being guided to make that extremely clear right now. This information is intended to expand your mind on how your child may interact with the world differently or the same as you do.

*It's much better if you receive your report WITH your child. There are sometimes parallels or opposites to parent/child relationship. 

*All reports will be sent 5 days after your payment has been received via email unless otherwise stated.

*Reports will take longer if you have requested more than one child.

*If you have already had your galactic dreamspell report, please choose the 60.00 option but include in the notes that this is for your child/list their birthdate. 


1. Your name, your birthdate. 

2. Your child's name, their birthdate.

If you have more than one child, this will be an additional $10 per child and I will invoice you that payment. Please list their names as well and birthdates. 

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