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Little LunaStar Seeds

Aerial Yoga Classes, Series, Camps, Sleepovers
Youth Wisdom & Oracle Card Readings
Support For Parents/Teachers Of Sensitive & Intuitive Youth

"Laura was a school teacher that has moved into working with kids in a different way to express themselves: thru aerial movement!!!!! This is more than just a fun job for Laura...working with children is an important aspect of her Dharma .... so her classes are quite special. She holds safe space for our younglings to express themselves thru movement and communication, but also offers play time with oracle cards so they can learn to tap into/navigate their intuition.... musical instruments to spark their creativity.... and more!!!" ~ Studio Owner, Metamorphosis Arts Racine, WI

To assist the youth is one of my deepest honors for serving humanity. When I was a school teacher, I never foresaw myself leaving the classroom. However, the more that I struggled to find a balance for my students between academic 'rigor' and emotional well-being, the more I began to realize that my true craft was assisting children with their emotional and expressive wellness. Thus, I found a beautiful art form to hold space for the youth and began to learn even more than I could have ever imagined about the importance of teaching the youth about their intuition, their bodies, and their creative natures!

I currently host Aerial Yoga classes, series, camps, and even sleepovers at various studios in the WI/IL area. The ultimate goal is to expand my reach as I am currently writing the Aviana Aerial Yoga program for the youth (

Classes and series attend to the whole, holistic child: mind, body, spirit. Contrary to belief, there is not much that we have to teach children about their intuition or subtle energy bodies! They learn quickly because they simply needed to be reconnected to their own wisdom.

Benefits Of Aerial Yoga: 

Enhances gross & fine motor skills

Provides calming sensory input 

Teaches spatial reasoning

Healthy brain & body organization skills

Assists with postural imbalances

Creates self-confidence and outlets for expression and play!

In addition to aerial yoga, many of my series and camps utilize the following:

*Wisdom Card Readings: Youth work with Oracle cards that are designed specifically for the youth in order to reconnect intuition and interpret emotions.

*Chakra education 

*Mindfulness tools & strategies 

*Music, art, and other forms of expression as a therapeutic release

To request an aerial yoga series for kids, wisdom card circle, or chakra education workshop for children, please contact me directly! 


Yoga Tree Wellness Center (weekly classes) (

Kenosha, WI 53214

Metamorphosis Arts (Workshops)

Racine, WI


"Laura is beyond amazing. I’m not even sure how to explain it all....let’s start with Tween/Teen Ariel Yoga class. Two of our girls attend and love it, they look forward to class each week and have gained so much confidence and healing. From this class our girls found out about an overnight sleepover. And normally, I would never...ever let my girls stay overnight at their ages. But I am so glad I trusted my intuition and signed them up. Their experience was more than I could have hoped for. Laura thought of everything and the girls can not wait for the next sleepover.

I’ve also met with Laura, who did a reading for me. I was skeptical but willing to be open. The experience has been overwhelming and calming. So incredible.

I honestly can not wait to have more time with Laura and her classes for my girls and for myself." ~ Amy Martin, Children Ages 6-11 

"update to 5/9/19 received a healing sound session today. Laura did a fantastic job with explaining before and after the sound treatment. I felt comfortable the whole time. I was able to vision things and be present, mindful, and had Awareness of what was/is going on with my body. I really feel I'd have another session.

such a gift. my daughter has been lifted in so many ways with Laura, including a boost in her recovery. very grateful for what is offered by Laura." ~ Sara, Age 16 Daughter 


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