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Biggest package LunaStar has ever offered!

Seriously though. When someone asked me that question, "How would it feel to feel...better?" I became paralyzed. Can anyone relate? When you're in trauma for so long, it can be hard to imagine anything other than the reality of pain, grief, suffering, and failure. My beautiful friend Jen described it as, "being stuck on the hamster wheel." 

At times, we have to rip off the old bandaid quickly and start anew. This might mean that our wound is exposed for a bit--that we stumble and wobble like a toddler learning to walk, yet, this is the beauty of transition and change. 

For March, April & May, I am offering one of the biggest packages I have ever offered to my LunaStar family! This package includes 30 Days Of Superfood Meals & Detoxes with group mentoring & accountability on your cleanse & one customizable Mind, Body, Spirit Mentoring session with me. 

For more information, click the shoutout below.

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