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Prop-Powered Pilates

3 classes for $75 or choose one at $30!

  • 1 h
  • 30 US dollars
  • Creations Wellness

Service Description

***At checkout, click arrow till you find the class you want or click first date in series and continue to payment to find the PACKAGE OPTION for "payment options." SEPTEMBER11th @7:30PM FOAM ROLLER PILATES When we think of the benefits of foam rolling, we often think about relieving muscle tightness and soreness. Foam rolling is a “self massage” technique that involves applying controlled pressure to your muscles and fascia using a cylindrical foam roller. This pressure is thought to: * Break up muscle knots and adhesions: Fascia, the connective tissue surrounding your muscles, can become tight and restrictive, limiting movement and contributing to pain. Foam rolling is believed to help loosen these adhesions, improving tissue mobility and reducing discomfort. * Increase blood flow: Applying pressure while rolling can boost blood flow to the specific area, supplying vital nutrients and oxygen to your muscles. This aids in the healing process and facilitates muscle repair. * Trigger your nervous system: Foam rolling stimulates mechanoreceptors within your muscles and fascia, sending signals to your nervous system. This can help modulate pain perception and promote relaxation, contributing to overall recovery. When incorporated into a Pilates practice, a foam roller can be used to increase range of motion (ROM), access connections to deep core muscles, boost stability and mobility, improve muscle imbalance, and reduces anxiety, making you feel calm and centered. SEPTEMBER18th @5:30PM PILATES W/MAGIC CIRCLE What is the Magic Circle or Pilates Ring? The magic circle, also called a fitness circle, exercise ring, or Pilates ring, is a circular resistance prop that is used in Pilates classes. The Magic Circle is made of a (relatively) flexible rubber with small pads on either side to cushion hands or ankles as they push against it. It is designed to provide gentle to moderate resistance. Using the Magic Circle is a fun and challenging way to improve body awareness and build strength. SEPTEMBER 25th @5:30PM PILATES WITH THE MINI BALL The mini ball is another tool in the Pilates toolbox. A Pilates mini ball is a soft, air-filled, lightweight ball. Using the Pilates mini ball changes the stimulus of an exercise, challenging your body in new ways. The ball may be used to activate the pelvic floor, work on stability and balance, add gentle resistance to improve core muscle activation and build core strength, and improve posture.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Please cancel at least 24hrs before your series/class/workshop begins so we can fill your spot. NO refunds are issued but classes are held as credits to be used within 3 months from your original scheduled series. Additionally, you are allowed to miss one class in a series and use that class as a credit for another available class. This must be rescheduled with your teacher. If your teacher has to cancel class they will reschedule or provide otherwise solution such as refunding or crediting (this will be determined by your teacher).

Contact Details

  • 6130 Springbrook Road, Pleasant Prairie, WI, USA


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