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Weight: Light

2 inch length 


These triangle earrings are wrapped with coral chips. Coral represents feminity, honesty, and beauty. Triangles are some of the strongest foundations, therefore, these earrings carry the essence of being wrapped in the strength of your feminity.  Let her guide you, nurture you and love you as you are in your most authentic form.


These are earrings from a series I call the Lōkahi [LOH KAH hee] series. Lōkahi is a word from the Hawaiian language that means 'unity, to be expressed in harmony.'

In 2020, that word came to me in a dream during one of the Full Moons. 


As a ritual, I drew a Hibiscus flower and wrote that word around it. I also took blood from my period and put it in honey, a sacred menstruation ritual that I found to bless the essence of intention into sweetness. 


I didn't know what would happen with that ritual but I surrendered the outcome. I even think I threw away the flower drawing accidently! 


But it must have been powerful enough because who would know that in 2021 I would travel to the Big Island, where I would stay at an 'Ohana with a red Hibiscus flower waiting for me! Guess what color my Hibiscus drawing was? Red. 


That word, Lōkahi, has touched me in so many ways on the Big Island that I can't even begin to explain thus its not really something explainable by words, it's simply just felt and then, expressed.  These earrings are the last I will create on the Big Island--for now anyways! 

Wrapped With Feminine Strength

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