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Introducing our stunning Peonies W/Malachite & Recycled Peridot necklace, featuring hand picked and dried peonies petals enclosed in a delicate glass locket. Peonies symbolize good fortune, honor, and compassion, making this necklace not only a beautiful accessory, but also a meaningful and thoughtful gift. The necklace is adorned with natural malachite and recycled peridot stones, both of which possess powerful metaphysical properties. Malachite is known for its protective and healing energies, while peridot is believed to bring happiness, prosperity, and good health. Embrace the beauty and significance of nature with this unique and elegant necklace that will surely make a statement and bring positive energy into your life.


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Medium sized locket 

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Peonies W/Malachite & Recycled Peridot

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