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Light Language comes to me in a myriad of forms; spoken, written, painted, and danced. As a conduit of Light Language, it is my honor to provide a form of healing that reaches each soul's DNA, uniquely. Channeled from Mother Source, these audio clips are an expression of the Divine Feminine way from my heart to yours. My hope is that each expression reaches you in the way your soul most needs it. 


First, you must understand that there are many shades of Mother--and for that, we become more grateful in that she transforms our duality into a peaceful, sensual, expansive, and playful sanctuary for All to exist as they were created. Each audio clip shows a different shade of Mother. Some are more playful than others. Some are powerful and require a full presence for total transformation. They are short but they last eternally within the heart!


It is not often that I translate Light Language into words for the light does not choose which language, dialect, or tone should be at the forefront of form; instead, Mother uses all of the beautiful languages and tones of the human race. There are certain dialects and sound seeds that come through when speaking Light Language that beg to ask the question, "What language is that exactly?"

Mothers says, "The language of creation as One." 


Rather than dropping the Ego completely, Light Language encourages one to let go of the battle between the two: the Ego and the Soul. Light Language says sink into both. Come as you are. Two sides of the same coin.



 Sink into the heart of Mother and allow yourself to become transformed by her nurturing love. Meditate on the Mother and let this transmission guide you directly into the heart of Her Wisdom.


Sha Ta Ku Ma

Ee Ku Wa 

Sha Ta Na Ma 


Sha Ta Ku Ma (Into The Heart Of Mother)

Ee Ku Wa (My Heart Transforms)

Sha Ta Na Ma (Into The Divine) 


Into The Heart Of Mother 

My Heart Transforms 

Into The Divine



Light Language For Mother Heart Transformation

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