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This cross was laser engraved on wood & handpainted with love. Attached is a rose quartz bead. This is an 18K gold chain.

My desire for these necklaces was to find a design that depicted the compassionate, feminine & motherly nature of Jesus. To me, He is the fertility that I did not know I needed and I really wanted to showcase life instead of death.

Trying to make sense of God is like looking at an abstract painting and thinking you have "nailed down" the meaning that the artist had. It is almost impossible but we try to anyways, yeah? Our minds want to make meaning by human nature but I think the beauty of faith is not knowing, but feeling.

I believe we can think of Jesus in ways that makes sense to us, as long as we don’t take those thoughts as actual definitions of Jesus, for I believe that no one truly knows but the Creators themselves.

Cross of Fertility 4

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